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This is a different kind of project. Everything else we have done has been a restoration. This will be a completely drivable HIGHWAY car. 350 small block with an automatic trans, 86 Buick rear, front discs. There will not be any body mods though. We like the looks of it the way it is!

Check back once in a while and enjoy the progress!

Jim & Carol

Inside rear, facing back seat. Here I have the rear seat bracket done and the floor rails.

More wood in the rear. Man this is taking a lot of patience. Every piece has twists and notches everywhere.

Tried to put rack & pinion steering under this car. Long story short, It didnít work. The rack would have had to mont in the front for the car to steer right and mounting in the front would have screwed up the ackerman.

Motor mts from the front.

This is a non running mock up engine. Had to see if everything would fit!

The frame was a lot easier to weld (for boxing) on its side. The engine jack was a savior.

The new steering setup. Cross steering with a vega box. Notice the disc brakes. This was a kit from ECI.

This engine was built by a local school shop class. Iíve had it running a couple of times. I guess it is .060 over with a mod cam so I think it will be pretty hot!

Master cylinder setup under the driver.

Picture of the bottom rail, driver side. This was the 1st piece I made. The wood used is all Maple and Cherry with a little oak here & there.